Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Love Awards!

I love awards, normaly i like getting them but today im going to be giving one!

The subject for this award is: My first follower!

The winner for todays award is.................... PAT!!! (My Mum)

(Ignore the follower with no picture, thats me, i followed myself by accident)

Heres your award:

If you want it any bigger or smaller, comment!
And if anyone else wants a picture like this, you comment too!

Dawn from the cherry tree studio blog candy!


Dawns candy, shes so kind she lets you enter 4 times for more chance of winning!
I hope i win, good luck people!

Monday, 29 March 2010

My drawings

This is what i have been drawing at the week-end.
I haven't finished as i need to colour them.
My favourite drawing is the birds and the horse, but all of them was fun drawing!
I hope you like it, Thank you for looking!