Monday, 31 May 2010

Cute Bear Hugs Card

This is my favourite card that i have made in my whole life! I love it!!!!!! :)
I call it the Cute Bear Hugs Card. It is not for a challenge, i just gave it a name since it is my favourite card!
Thank you for looking!

Anime Drawing #4

This is my favourite drawing! I even drawed a bird on her shoulder! :D
I just love it, I love the hair and the swirl on her eye. She has a tattoo of the letter S on her arm, It stands for Sarah!
She is half cat and half human!
Thank you for looking.

Anime Drawing #3

This is a goth anime girl that i have drawn. The best thing that i love about it is the swirl makeup coming from her eye, and the heart on her chest and i really like the bones picture on her cheek, shes really goth! I also love the hair, i tryed drawing it on other papers to become really good at it and once i found the perfect style i drawed it on her face.
This is my 2nd favourite!
Thank you for looking.

Anime Drawing #2

This is the 2nd manga picture i have drawn in the holidays.
My mom says im getting better but i dont think so.
I have used pencil colours.
Thank you for looking.

Anime Drawing #1

This is the drawing that i havent coloured in yet. and i dont really want to colour it in because i like it all white. :D
This type of anime character is named "Chibi". Chibi is a little person who is like a dwarf. i copyed the style from my How to draw manga book.
Thank you for looking.